Using Okta Java SDK and getting IllegalArgumentException


I am trying to use the Okta Java SDK to do management on an Okta instance. The way things are setup right now is that there is a base repo where common operations are made and there is a product repo where these common operations are utilized.

The Okta Java SDK is added as a dependency in the pom file in the base repo. I made a method in the base repo that looks like this:

public User getUserByEmail(String email) {
        UserList users = client.listUsers(null, String.format(" eq \"%s\"", email), null, null, null);
        return users.single();

When the product repo uses the call getUserByEmail() through the IDE, it works. But when we run the call in a standalone JVM instance, we get the error:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not determine impl for class: 'com.okta.sdk.resource.user.UserList'

The product repo is also built using maven and is dependent on the base repo.

What are we able to do to fix this issue? Is there a way to properly import the Okta Java SDK to the repo that depends on the impl class?