Using @oktadev/schematics unable to login using Ionic android app


We use Okta as service provider which in turn connects to our Azure Active Directory (ID)
I have followed the instructions at to build ionic app.
After building an ionic app I am able to login via browser and the app gets my id_token & access_token. I have used the same code and built Android app with Cordova. When I login its redirecting to idp but after entering my credential Okta returns 400.

my auth configuration detail is below

const scopes = ‘openid profile’ + (this.onDevice() ? ’ offline_access’ : ‘’);
const redirectUri = this.onDevice() ? ‘com.oktapreview.sandbox-{{mydomain}}:/callback’ : window.location.origin + ‘/callback’;
const logoutRedirectUri = this.onDevice() ? ‘com.oktapreview.sandbox-{{mydomain}}:/logout’ : window.location.origin + ‘/logout’;
const clientId = ‘0XXXXXXXXXXXXX’;
const issuer = ‘https://sandbox-{{mydomain}}’;

const authConfig: any = {
identity_client: clientId,
identity_server: issuer,
redirect_url: redirectUri,
end_session_redirect_url: logoutRedirectUri,
usePkce: true,

You might want to send an email to I haven’t seen a “social transaction expired” error before.