Using the '/api/v1/users/me' end point with Bearer tokens


I’m trying to access the user information of the user logged in using OAuth bearer tokens but it always returns nil for some reason.

This is my OAuth config on my server:

oktaOauthConfig = &oauth2.Config{
			RedirectURL:  opts.DomainName + "/authorization-code/callback",
			ClientID:     mustLoadToken(opts.OktaOauthClientIDFile),
			ClientSecret: mustLoadToken(opts.OktaOauthClientSecretFile),
			Scopes:       []string{},
			Endpoint: oauth2.Endpoint{
				AuthURL:   opts.OktaOauthIssuer + "/v1/authorize",
				TokenURL:  opts.OktaOauthIssuer + "/v1/token",
				AuthStyle: oauth2.AuthStyleInParams,

and this is the GET request I make

API URL: https://${my_company}

Authorization:Bearer ${{access_token}}

and this is my applications Okta API Scopes (not sure how these actually work):

What am I missing or what do I need to do to make the API not return nil? Any information would be massively appreciated

is equal to https://${my_company}

Your issuer MUST be https://OktaDomain (without /oauth2/authorizationServerId) in order to get tokens back with these claims. This ensures you are using the Org Authorization Server, which is the only authorization server that supports these claims.

More info in our OAuth for Okta guide.

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