Web test/scalability test with okta best practices

Does anyone have any web test/scalability test best practices when using okta authentication? We are running into issues where okta is throwing “Action.c(177): Error -35196: HTTP Status-Code=429 (Too Many Requests) for “https://xxxxx.xxxx.com/api/v1/authn”” as soon as we turn on our web tests. Also, when these errors are being thrown we can’t find them logged anywhere. Documentation links, configurations, best practices appreciated.


Hi @scottker,

You can find here the rate limits per minute for each package on different endpoints, including /api/v1/authn.

The rate limit events should appear in System Logs (Admin >> Reports >> System Log or Admin >> API >> System Log).

If you are expecting a lot of requests to /api/v1/authn, such as on boarding for company employees, please send an email to support@okta.com so that the rate limits will be raised for your Okta tenant for a period of time.