Webhook when user removed

I am creating a new Okta app integration for my Single Page App and I’m using OIDC. (following this tutorial: https://firebase.googleblog.com/2020/08/authenticate-with-firebase-using-okta.html).

I need a way to know when an Okta user that has been using my service through the app integration has my app removed (i.e. their access to my app is removed for any reason) so that I can remove their data on my end and perform other cleanup tasks.

Is there some way to configure a webhook on an event like “User of your app was removed” and have this work for all tenants that use my app (I intend to publish it).

You could setup an event hook for the application.user_membership.remove event but I don’t believe you can target a specific app.

Will this fire when a user in a different org that is using my app (when the app is published) is removed from the app, or does it only fire when users in my org are removed from my app?

I’m wanting something that will work when users in any org are removed from my app (not just my own).

The event hook will only fire for users in the org it’s configured in. I’m not sure if it’s possible to achieve your use case but perhaps someone else from the community can help out.

Seems like there should be a way to handle user deprovisioning when the user signed in through OIDC…