When I rename “user name” and “email” I receive 2 events “application.user_membership.remove” and "application.user_membership.add"

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I am facing an issue while working with event hooks on okta.
When I rename “user name” and “email” I was expecting to receive one event hooks for “Updated user application property” but I receive and the events “Remove user’s application membership” and “Add user to application membership”. Is that the expected behaviour? Is there a way of not triggering the event “Remove user’s application membership success” when the user is updated?

Steps to reproduce

  1. I visit Sign In
  2. I click on my app
  3. I click on the tab assignments
  4. I click on Edit button
  5. I change the values “User Name” and “Email” to “admin_new_name@example.com
  6. I visit Sign In
    The strange behaviour is
  7. I see 2 events: the first is “Remove user’s application membership”, the second is “Add user to application membership”

note: this is relevant for us because we have hooks configured to do something when the event “Remove user’s application membership” is trigered via an EventHook.

This is the second time I am asking this question because I didn’t understand the answers from here and didn’t get more replies :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile: