Event: app.generic.config.app_user_property_update

I’m collecting Okta events, I could find no docs for the following event:

  "eventId": "tevBZacCDW0SKSKZxNLWZJZcQ1234567890987",
  "sessionId": "trs03txo6trRM6cOm4aseFRw",
  "requestId": "",
  "published": "2017-12-04T20:41:11.000Z",
  "action": {
    "message": "App user property has been updated Email,managerDn,RemoteHash",
    "categories": [],
    "objectType": "app.generic.config.app_user_property_update",
    "requestUri": "Background"
  "actors": [
      "id": "DwT664Ghym7vZaqU5dxV",
      "objectType": "User"
      "ipAddress": "",
      "objectType": "Client"
  "targets": [
      "id": "Hse7Fsxa231mLOgwaQt2",
      "displayName": "[redacted]",
      "objectType": "AppInstance"

Any idea what is the meaning of this event? I get a user as an actor but an unidentified application as a target.
If a user property was updated I expect to have a user also as a target.

This is definitely a defect on Okta’s part. I’ve logged this internally, I would open a case with us at developers@okta.com so you can track this accordingly. You can reference OKTA-152095 in the communication with us