What happens when there is a lapse in connection to a SCIM application?

What happens when Okta cannot connect to a SCIM application for a time? Examples of this:

  • Syncing is “disabled” or “paused” for a time, then re-enabled (is “pausing” an option?)
  • Token in use is invalid, so a new one is generated and used in Okta
  • Integration is removed from Okta and added again (new setup)

Will all the users/groups need to be synced/checked against the application? Will it only sync what happened in the interim? My assumption is that everything will need to be synced if it is a brand new setup, but I’m not sure what will happen if there is just a lapse in syncing.

Hello @KJ0797

Typically if you have a current working integration and CRUD operations start to fail for any reason such as token failure, network issue, error returned from SCIM server, the user account(s) that had failures will be marked with errors in the assignments tab as well as the Okta dashboard.
These accounts will remain in this state until you resubmit the failed job from the dashboard.

There isn’t really a pause, but in the provisioning tab where you select create/update/delete/sync password push options you can disable all these options for the time being.

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