How to autosync the lost data to SCIM provisioning app

Hi Team ,
I have a situation where my SCIM Application Server has lost the data earlier pushed from the OKTA. Is there any settings which can help to auto-sync the data between OKTA —> APP without doing anything considering this kind of error scenario of data loss at the APP end?

Thanks in advance.

How is your SCIM integration setup with Okta

  • Using a SCIM 2.0 template
  • Created from a SAML/SWA application
  • OIN integration

What options are set for the integration? is everything push from Okta, or do you also import user/groups from the SCIM server?

As far as I know no matter what the configuration is, Okta sets the external id based off of an UUID the SCIM server generates. So anytime a sync is done from Okta to SCIM, Okta will do a GET first for that UUID. Since this will fail Okta will not push over the profile for that record.

If no other applications rely on the old UUID and the integration is strictly push from Okta, no imports, then you might simply be able to remove all user and groups pushes in Okta and then add them back. This would create new resources on the SCIM side with new UUIDs generated by your server.
BUT if the existing integration includes imported users/groups into Okta, that will complicate things.

You might want to open a support case with Okta support for this particular issue.

Thanks Erik for the response. I am just wondering , if adding the users/group back to OKTA is the only solution , in that case the data loss at the SCIM App end would be very expensive and required manual intervention.