Why is there no SCIM option for OIDC apps?

Okta integrators from time to time ask about SCIM provisioning for OIDC apps, but apparently it’s still unavailable. What’s the reason for this, and is Okta planning to ever add it in the foreseeable future?

If not, is this workaround below still valid?

There are apps that support both OIDC and SCIM in the Okta Integration Network (OIN). It looks like they are able to merge the integrations into one app.

If you’re asking for custom OIDC apps, they currently do not support SCIM and would require a separate app.

Yes, it’s about a custom app that later might make its way into OIN, but it’s not planned yet. The question is why is it so, and when is it going to be fixed?

And does the SCIM app need to implement SAML or not?

No, if you make a separate app (you can configure SCIM for a SWA or a SAML) to test your SCIM integration, the SSO portion doesn’t actually need to be functional.

There is a Feature Request on our Okta Ideas site to track this request, marked as “On the Roadmap” so you may want to vote on and monitor it for more updates: https://ideas.okta.com/app/#/case/171002

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