Hey Team !

Can somebody please clarify a question for me?
We have a cloud SaaS app. It supports multiple Identity providers.
SSO is implemented using OIDC.
We have successfully implemented SSO to multiple OKTA tenants using OIDC.

Now we are looking into synchronizing users from OKTA tenants to our app.
From what we see we have 2 options:

  1. Implement SCIM integration for our app
  2. Sync users using the API.

Option 2 has some downsides: it will put more load on both OKTA and our system, the implementation on our side will be OKTA specific

That is why we are looking into option 1.
But it looks like SCIM is not supported for OIDC SSO apps.
Is this correct and is there a plan to support it in near future ?

Thank you,

Unfortunately that is correct and is not currently on the Okta roadmap. Here is an Okta idea made for this functionality if you’d like to follow it:

Thank you for a quick answer Cale!

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