What is the SCIM GET /scim/Users?count=1&startIndex=1 Supposed to return?

I am attempting submit a SCIM service to the OIN for a client of ours that uses Okta and wants to provision users in our systems.

I’m attempting to run the API tests in RunScope on our service but am puzzled by the first test:

GET /scim/Users?count=1&startIndex=1

Based on the assertions in the test it appears that it expects that this request to the SCIM service will return a User resource.

What user?

This is the response our service returns


This seems correct to me based on my reading of the SCIM specification, but this response fails most of the assertions in the test. Since subsequent tests are constructed from a different expected response they all fail too.

Are you expecting that I return some random User resource from our user base? If so, I don’t think we can comply. We don’t want to expose our user base like this.