Whats the best way to add mfa authentication in a vuejs app?

Hi There,

I need to add mfa authentication in my vuejs app. I am actually confused which method to go for -
MFA because my okta org has mfa mandatory for login.

According the the docs and resources I found -
Okta - Vue SDK - Simple straight forward But doesn’t know it supports mfa or not. Facing issues sometimes with implicit callback.
Use of Okta Auth api like authentication api etc. Again not much clearity on mfa.

Or anything else is also there, I am bit confused.
For MFA do i need to go with Api method or SDK method or both.

Could You please provide me with a best approach or any resources that meet my requirements.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the previous replies.

MFA is provided by our Sign-In Widget. If you use the Vue SDK and redirect to Okta to login, MFA will be handled by Okta’s Hosted Sign-In Widget. If you use the Vue SDK and embed the Sign-In Widget, you can still get MFA features, you just might have to customize its feature flags.

Thanks for thr reply…
I have already done a implementation of sigin widget…I am
facing the below issue.

Can you please provide me with some resources as to what all configurations are needed apart from vuejs quickstart for MFA.