What's the replacement for putProfileProperty() in okta-sdk-java 10.0.0

What is the fix for the putProfileProperty() in version 10.0.0?

     // Create a User Account
            user = UserBuilder.instance()
                .setSecurityQuestion("Favorite security question?")
                .setSecurityQuestionAnswer("None of them!")
                //.putProfileProperty("division", "Seven") // key/value pairs predefined in the user profile schema //TODO: fix me
                .addGroup(group.getId()) // add user to the newly created group


I assume you copied this from here.
Currently the UserBuilder Interface does not have a contract for this method call.

I suggest opening a an issue here to see if this is something that will be addressed. Currently the management SDKs are all moving to a common open API Spec, so I am not sure if putProfileProperty() will be part of it.

Thank You,

Thanks. yes, I copied from the repo. We have the exact code to set custom properties on user profile via SKD. I want to know what’s the replacement in version 10.0.0 now since you’re moving to open API spec.

I have opened an issue here - https://github.com/okta/okta-sdk-java/issues/788