When you log out of Okta it does not redirect to the application page

The logout URL is:

In the Okta Admin Panel:
Sign-out redirect URIs: http://google.com

But it still doesn’t redirect. What am I doing wrong?

It seems that you need to close the session to do the redirect, but I would like to do this using Curl, but how to get the okta_session_cookie in PHP?

@andrea just need to redirect to logout URL for me to finish Okta authentication. Can you help me please?

Just for the record, I managed to redirect to the application when Okta logs out.

It was necessary to close the session and sign out in javascript

var config = {
issuer: ‘<?=$_ENV['OKTA_OAUTH2_ISSUER']?>’

var authClient = new OktaAuth(config);

const revokeAccessTok = async function() {
await authClient.revokeAccessToken(); // strongly recommended

// Sign out using the default options

// Override the post logout URI for this call
postLogoutRedirectUri: ´${location.origin}/mdlStart/index.php/logout´

// In this case, the ID token is stored under the ‘myIdToken’ key
const id_token = async function() {
var idToken = await authClient.tokenManager.get(‘<?=$_SESSION['okta_id_token']?>’);
idToken: idToken

// In this case, the access token is stored under the ‘myAccessToken’ key
const access_token = async function() {
var accessToken = await authClient.tokenManager.get(‘<?=$_SESSION['okta_access_token']?>’);
accessToken: accessToken

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