Where is client_id and client_secret

Hi, I’m setting up an app in okta to talk to my laravel 6 api. I can’t find the client id and secret I need, where are they?

In okta I have created a Web application of SWA type.

Thanks in advance

SWA doesn’t have client_secret. You need to create it as Web-application


Hi @Juan,

How did you create the Web App in Okta?
Did you use the UI or API?

In any case, if you login to your okta org and navigate to Applications tab, you should see your app.
Then click on the app, click General tab on the app, and scroll down to see Client Credentials section.
You’ll be able to see the Client ID and Client Secret there.

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Thanks Vijet, Philipp is correct, the type of app I was creating doesn’t have client and secret. Thanks for your help!

Thanks Philipp, you’re right. When creating the app and selecting type “Web”, none of the available options seems to have client id and secret. I had to select OAuth Service type when creating the app, it was misleading.

Thanks for the help.

Actually, it’s not OAuth Service type, but Web -> OpenId type. That option gives you client id and credentials (and redirect url etc)

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