Which Okta API to call for MFA Push notif or Call Factor


I’m trying to use the Okta Factor API(https://developer.okta.com/docs/api/resources/factors.html#factor-operations) to enable MFA in our apps. But I don’t know or couldn’t find which API should I call to “initiate” the Push notification or “Call” a registered number to deliver the token.

e.g. which API is called, when the “Push to Device” button is called in the attached image.


Which API is called when the the user presses a “Call my Device” button or something to initiate a phone call to the registered Lan Line phone, to receive the token?

You’re looking for Verify Call Factor or Verify Push Factor. For the latter,

Creates a new verification transaction and sends an asynchronous push notification to the device for the user to approve or reject.

The “verify” operation should really be called “challenge/verify”. :slight_smile: