Widget and custom scopes

Am I allowed to request custom scopes with the widget. I am using showSignInToGetTokens. If a custom scopes are requested the “.then” is never called and the screen hangs. Remove the custom scope and “.then” is called and things work as expected.

Another issue: If I request ‘groups’ along with ‘openid’ and ‘profile’ things work as expected but the request is overridden with only ‘openid’ and ‘profile’ data.

Which issuer are you using? Do you see any errors in the console?

I am using a company specific issuer. The big question is can we use a custom scope in the sign-in widget?

I meant the issuer value used in the widget config. Custom scopes require a custom authorization server and the issuer has this format https://yourOrg.okta.com/oauth2/<auth_server_id>. If you’re using an org authorization server, the issuer has this format https://yourOrg.okta.com and it only supports the basic scopes.

I am not using a custom authorization server. I will make the switch. Many thanks.

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