403 Access Forbidden. Login troubles

For the purpose of learning, I wanted to sign up for Okta Developer Edition Service FREE using my Google account, but it’s absolutely impossible. After entering my Google Account credentials and password, Okta simply redirects me back to the sign up page. I didn’t receive messages from Okta at all. I tried to sign up with my GitHub account on Tue 7/2/2024. This time, I received a message from Okta to my email associated with my GitHub account. The message contained a couple of links for sign in: the first one didn’t work and consistently gave a 403 Access Forbidden error, but the second one allowed me to access the dashboard. For about a week, I was able to study Okta successfully. However, yesterday, even this link stopped working. It just shows a blank screen. Any actions on the Okta Developer site result in a 403 Access Forbidden error or redirect me to the sign up page again, reinstalling different browsers and trying to log in from mobile devices does not solve the problem. I have tried multiple times to contact Okta support, but it’s not possible due to the 403 Access Forbidden error. Please help me! My Okta Domain is “dev-84093712 okta com”. I was signed up from Ukrainian IP, as I locate in Ukraine now. I can’t continue learning without access to the dashboard.

There is currently an issue with creating new accounts via social idP. We do have an internal query on this and it’s being investigated. The cause is due to the auto-enabling of the feature that requires MFA for access to the Admin Dash, and with social idP you aren’t prompted to set up a second factor. This only happens with social idP at this time.

I’m going to send you a DM to verify some details and then I can go in and disable the feature so you can get in.

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Nicole, thank you for the help! I successfully logged into Okta developer account. Problem was solved!


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