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After I used the okta AD agent to import my test active directory user to okta directory, I can use AD credentials to login. That’s great!
But I have a question. Is okta use the password hash to cache the AD password?
The reason I ask is that I shutdown my AD Server, okta still allow me to login with the AD credentials.
So I did the steps below to verify:
I change the AD credential from the AD server, keep the AD server running, I can use the new password to login. After login, I shutdown the AD server, okta still let me login. Then I open the AD server, change the password then shutdown immediately, now okta still let me login with old password. So my question is that which format okta cache the password?

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Hi @Lyle

Okta caches a hash of the AD password used to log in in order to provide a way for users to authenticate in case there is a downtime on the Active Directory side. This hash is automatically deleted after 5 days.

Thanks dragos. one more question about the automatical deletion. If the hash is deleted after 5 days and the AD server is down, so the user will not login successfully?

Hi @Lyle

In this case, you will need to use an Okta-mastered account to successfully authenticate to Okta. Our recommendation is to have an Okta user with super administrator role as a back-up for use-cases such as this one.

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Got it. Thanks for your useful information, dragos.

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