Activating Social Logins


I would like to setup a login screen supporting multiple social login options (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, et al) along with standard email. Currently, I have users created with standard email working but am now looking to add social buttons.

Starting with Facebook but have found these pages and am not sure which to follow or a mash up of both:

Implementation with Drupal running as the main website and SP:

  • Drupal 8.6.15
  • SimpleSAMLphp Auth 8.x-3.0
  • simpleSAMLphp 1.17.2


Hey, you should use the below page to set up facebook. We support Facebook, Google, Microsoft today, with support for other idps via generic oidc identity provider.

does Okta support for Instagram Integration?

No. I don’t think we do.

Hello Mraible,

Thanks for confirmation about instagram.

My Client is using the Otka for User Identity, So they want to implement the Facebook, Instagram and Apple-Id Login Integration in the application.

I found the Facebook login in the social authentication section, but want to know if Okta provide the support for Instagram and Apple-Id Login .

Please reply ASAP.