How Okta can authenticate me to facebook and other social platform

How to setup a single login system to login to multiple social platforms using Okta?

For instance I want my application to login to facebook,twitter,linkedin by giving my App just the Okta clientId and clientSecret.(In the configuration I can give only one client ID and secret) but usecase is the application should be able to login to different platform.

Hi there! If you want to create social logins for your app through Okta, you need to create External Identity Providers in your Okta org. Here is a guide to walk you through that process:

I hope this helps =)

Hi @Cale,
Thanks but I have some more queries.

I have added facebook and google as the Social identity providers in okta, and through my dummy client application I am able to do the authorization using Okta.

But I am not able to figure out, how I can let my client login to facebook/Google , That’s the usecase.

Please guide.

Hi @snigdhas,

Not sure if i understood this currently but you can federate your Okta with your client’s application and they can then leverage Okta’s social login features like you can with your Okta tenant.