Activation link expired

If a new user hasn’t clicked the link in the activation email before the token has expired, is there any way the user can request for the activation email to be resent (with a new token)? Currently our Okta admin has to do this manually. It would be a lot better if this could be done via self-service.

Hi @cecilia.hagglund

As the user is in PROVISIONED status, you can use reactivate user to send a new activation email.

Thank you for the response. A few more questions:

  1. What is the difference between the Activate and the Reactivate methods? It seems like both can be used to resend the activation email?

  2. It is possible to change a user’s status to “Active” by calling the reset password method even if the user never clicked the activation link at registration? If that’s the case, then we would only need to have a link to “Reset password” on the login page instead of having both “Reset password” and “Resend activation email”.