Add app logo via API

I am in the process of migrating apps from another system into Okta and was wondering whether it is possible to add logo/images to apps via the API? I have looked through the documentation and can see the “logo” JSON object but can’t get that to work.

Hi @rcallinan

Through the public API, the logo can be added only for OIDC apps at the moment, as described here.

I also can’t get this to work. When I create an OIDC app through the API with a logo, I can see it in settings.oauthClient.logo_uri in the JSON response but it is not visible in the console at /admin/apps/active. I can also see the default logo in _links.logo.href in the JSON but if I try to change that through the API it reverts immediately.

Is it possible to change the logo that is visible in the admin console via the API?