Can't add logo to app

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add logo to SAML 2.0 app via API and getting the “App instance has no login link to set logo for” error. Examining the output I see only this in applinks section:

“appLinks”: [
“href”: “”,
“name”: “xxxxxx_prodtest_14”,
“type”: “text/html”

Is it something I’ve missed while creating the app (with API as well) or logo upload is not supported for SAML 2.0 apps?

Thank you

Hi there!

Bad news: This is a bug.

Good news? It’s a known bug and engineering has created an internal ticket for it.

More bad news - I can’t give an estimate on when the fix might come through =/.

You can see discussion on this issue here: Unable to set App Logo for SAML apps · Issue #506 · okta/terraform-provider-okta · GitHub

In the meantime are you able to update your logo manually via the UI?

got it. Thank you Cale!

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