How to create a SAML app?

Trying to create a new Java application in Okta. However, it seems to only create a OAuth2 app. The application is created and it seems to be automatically assigned to all the people. But it never shows up on the UserHome as an icon.

Developer accounts no longer support SAML. If you’d like to create a SAML app, please start at


I created another account on . But it looks the same to me. I created a Java, took the default values. When I navigate to the user home screen, no apps is there.

Thank you for your assistance

The last time I created a SAML app was a couple years ago. You can read Get Started with Spring Boot, SAML, and Okta to see how I did it.

I believe the app’s visibility settings is what controls if is shows up on your dashboard or not. See below:


I don’t see that checkbox either on creating new application or editing an existing one

It seems you need to navigate from the Developer Console to the “Classic UI”. There’s a toggle in the top left corner of the console.