Custom SAML apps in Developer Console vs Classic UI

Is it possible to create a SAML application with the new Developer Console UI?

It seems like the Create Application wizard is only for OpenID applications.

That causes some downstream challenges when trying to get a customer to set up a SAML app in their Okta instance. I have to instruct them to switch to the Classic UI.

The Developer Console UI came out in September 2017. Does Okta plan on keeping “Classic UI” long term? Will the ability to create a custom SAML application eventually land in the Developer Console?

Hi @sbauch,

The Developer Console UI was introduced for developers to be able to integrate OpenID based applications only. SAML apps are not going to be supported in the Dev Console UI and AFAIK, it’s not in the roadmap either.
Also “Classic UI” will continue to be the standard way to create SAML based applications.

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