Why are a few Applications missing from Okta developers Portal?

I have an Okta developer’s account and an Okta Organizational Account. I have to integrate a few Applications with Okta for SSO using SAML. I have noticed, a few applications are missing on the developer’s console. Like, MantisBT is available on Okta Org, but is missing on Okta Dev console. How can I add apps like MantisBT that are unavailable on the Dev console?

Thanks In Advance.

If you change to the Classic UI via the dropdown in the top left corner, are you able to add the application then?

Hi @warren.
No. There are alot of applications that I can see on my org account, but unable to find on my dev account. Does Dev account only show applications that can be linked to SAML?
Eg : I’m able to connect to Mantis BT on my Org account, but, MantisBT does not appear on my Dev account application list.

It looks like MantisBT is a SWA app. I suggest opening a ticket with Okta support to confirm you have the feature required to add SWA apps.

Hey @warren. Thanks for the response.
I’ve dropped a mail to Mantis Support. Also, Is there no way to integrate even SWA with Mantis on Dev account?

Were you able to confirm with Okta support team if your Dev org has the feature to add SWA apps?

Hi @warren.
Thanks for the suggestion, but Can we add SWA based applications to Dev based accounts? I did not know that.
I’ll try to explain my case here, It might help.
So, I have a custom application that we’re building for one of our Client. They are currently using Okta as a SSO and have linked it to their Active Directory. However they’re also using Mantis to track bugs. What they’re expecting is, When any of their employees log in through their custom application (which is an Okta Sign In) The user gets logged into to the Application with Okta session. Now when I open Mantis, It should take me to a logged in state, considering SSO works here. (They’re actually using MantisHub). I have Integrated my custom application to Zendesk as well and it’s working smoothly, But We have absolutely no way to connect Mantis. We’re using SAML for SSO for all our applications.

Is there any way I can integrate Mantis here with my Custom application? Also, I’m not sure SWA application will be helpful here. Because We’re making the user log on to our custom application and then the session helps with auto sign in in the applications I open.

Thanks for any help in advance.