Create Application - SAML 2.0 - No Option

We are trying to emulate Okta one of our customers who has Okta as an IDP to then post to us as the SP (Spring SAML). We created a developer account and then went to go create an application and the SAML 2.0 option isn’t there.

The documentation states it should be:

We are looking in classic mode like it states to. Image is uploaded below showing this.

Any help on steps to allow this would be greatly appreciated.

We should be able to emulate this situation correct?



Same issue, followed the documentation to the tee. Also tried the process outside of the classic mode.

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We hit same problem, we have some existing apps using SAML 2.0 but we need to add new one for testing and there is no SAML 2.0 option.

Same issue, trying to test AWS Service app integration before going full use of the product but it’s not working, no information regarding the saml2 metadata files and more.

Same issue…
Can we have some update on this?
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Hi @Babar @alan.markus @sonic @the4mat @risso

New free developer tenants do not provide anymore the option for SAML, only OpenID Connect. If you would like to have outbound SAML, then please check the pricing pages here and here.

Trial accounts and ISV / integrator accounts have SAML enabled by default. If you want to register an Okta tenant in order to integrate a SAML application in Okta Integration Network, please check the page here.