Okta Zendesk Integration problem

Hi Team,

Please help me with the following issues as soon as possible!

I have integrated our Zendesk test app with okta but can see following errors when trying to perform SP initiated SAML SSO.

  1. On first time login from Zendesk (here SP) I get error page 404 not found

2)I can access it when logged from IDP(Okta) and start from IDP. Now when I logout from Zendesk and try to acces my Zendesk (SP login page) again I get this error even though I have configured SAML it says SWA.

You have configured to use Secure Web authentication for Zendesk but Zendesk appears to be using SAML 2.0. Please update the okta configuration or the Zendesk configuration to use the same sign on mode.

Mind logging a support issue for this? The support team can help with integration problems.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah got the problem fixed by Support team.