Additional Text and link on okta hosted sign in widget

I have multiple questions regarding okta sign in widget.

For the above image I want to add additional text between sign in button and OR divider. How can we add that text? I went through the okta style document but there is no clear answer about adding additional text on the sign in widget.

Also for the links at the bottom of the page we have to click on Need help signing in? that will expand with sub links. So is there any way using which I can show sub links (Forgot password and Create account in my case) all the times? config.i18n.en = {‘needhelp’: " "} this will hide Need help link but then can’t see sub links as well.

There are no formal docs for how to make this kind of modification, as the only samples we really document are for customizations supported by built-in widget functionality. However, we typically recommend using afterRender to modify elements directly within the DOM to ensure that your changes apply after the widget has finished loading (as making these changes before it has finished rendering can result in your modifications reverting")

As for your other question, you can test part of the solution from this KM which has two parts:

  1. simulating a mouse click of the “Need help” link, which will display the sublinks (you’ll see that this also uses afterRender)
    oktaSignIn.on('afterRender', function (context) { document.querySelectorAll("[data-se='needhelp']")[0].click() });
  2. hiding the “Need help” text by setting the i18n to a single whitespace character (which you have mentioned trying)

Did you try adding the first part to your widget code?

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I just tried the first part and it’s working fine. Thanks @andrea

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