ADFS -> Okta ... ADFS is the IDP, Okta as SP

I have been looking to see if there is a way to set up ADFS as the IDP and Okta as the SP.

Users will try to sign into an application and then be redirected to Okta to authenticate. From here user will type email in and then be redirected to IDP (ADFS) and then asked to authenticate against ADFS. If credentials are correct, Okta redirects user to application that is integrated with Okta.

Any walkthrough or suggestions for this?

Does anyone know this? I am not looking to set up ADFS MFA application in Okta but more ADFS as the IDP integrated with Okta through SAML.


Hi @CyberMamba may be this document shall help Install and configure Microsoft ADFS in Okta | Okta