How to add ADFS as IDP in Okta

How to add ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) as IDP in Okta. Is there any documentation that mentions steps to do this. I have already checked this one for adding enterprise IDP Enterprise Identity Provider | Okta Developer but it does not list ADFS. I have read on internet that it can be done using ADFS as SAML but there is no official Okta documentation. would be good if anyone can guide me on this

Hi, to configure ADFS in okta you can try following this doc here.

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This document is regarding MFA, i want to add ADFS as IDP just like Azure AD listed in enterprise IDP document Enterprise Identity Provider | Okta Developer
is their any way to this from Identity provider tab of Okta Org. I did found the below link but it does not describe steps properly so would like to be more sure about this

I am also attaching one of documentation that i found for Auth0 Configure ADFS as SAML Identity Provider
Please check this as well i would like to do same in Okta

Any information on this