Administrator control over different applications

Hello, wondering if there is a way to have multiple admins but have these admins have control over different applications? For example I may want one admin to be able to log into application A but not into application B.


Not sure I fully understand, but you can setup your admins in Okta to have privs over different applications. All you need is just specify applications, rather than giving privs over all (by default)

I need to have multiple admins that can add/modify applications but I don’t want all of them to have access to all of the applications. So I’m looking to have 1 admin have access to certain apps and another admin to have access to other apps. It looks as though, as an admin, you either have access to all of the applications or none of the applications.


Hi @jfpg

When adding a new administrator under Admin >> Security >> Administrators >> Add Administrators, you can set the user to be “Application Administrator” and administer only certain applications, for example

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