Allowing end user to set firstName and lastName during account activation

Create User API call is creating a user with no credentials and no first/last names and then Activate User API call is made to activate the account which sends account activation email. The end user receives the activation email, goes to account activation page and sets the password, secret question and security picture and then activates the account.
Is it possible to allow the end user also to set firstName and lastName on the account activation page?
If no is there any other way where I can leverage self registration for this flow?

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Hi - we are having a similar use case at the moment. An Admin enters an email address in a page, clicks submit. I want that email address to be used to trigger an invite to Okta for the user to add their own first, last and mobile number. Is this possible, or do I need to pass email, first last and mobile to actually create an account?

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We would also like this.

We are currently looking at having a second stage sign up within our application that asks the user for first name and last name, then uses the API to update those values. But that relies on having the activation redirect to our application, and is also extra work that we have to do in our application.