Are All Developer Accounts Preview Accounts?

I’m a little confused about the product status for the (paid) API subscriptions in the Developer tier. Are these instances only hosted on ? The pricing and features of this product are perfect for us but I’m not sure about our production application being dependent on a Preview cell, particularly after yesterday’s outage. Do we have any alternative other than Enterprise/IT products?

The oktapreview cell is a remanence of another time, the domain name hints at its original propose. It has the same infrastructure as production, just on lighter hardware with fewer machines (less HA). It does get new features faster than other cells. If you do have production level requirements and need an SLA, better support, and production hardware, there is a set of products that Okta sells called API Products. It is the developer enterprise tier.

Now about the outage yesterday. It sucked, it affected me as well. I have APIs and web scrapers now that do authentication through Okta. The outage yesterday didn’t have anything to do with preview or preview infrastructure, but it did affect the preview cell. The good thing is through RCA, we have now mitigated the problem so it doesn’t occur in any other cell including preview.

If you want to start the discussion about what you get with API Products - you can reach the sales team through this form: