Behavior on enrolling email as factor


I have created an api that enroll my personal email as a factor. After enrolling I received a factor ID.
But did not receive an activation code in my email, in the docs, it says I can trigger the /resend so that I can receive the activation OTP again, but I do not receive any. Have I missed any configuration in portal before my email can receive the activation code?
Btw, I have checked also the spams, but no activation code was received.

Hope you can give me some light.

Hi there. This is the API call you’re making?

I just ran that curl and received the factor ID response as well as the emailed code. You’re not including activate=true as a query parameter are you?

Hi Cale,
Yes, I don’t include the activate=true query parameter. Yes, correct, I used the api in the link you provided on enrolling my email as factor. I tried using my gmail account as part of my testing and I received an activation code. It only works in using my gmail account not my company email. I might reach out to our network admin team to find the root cause. Might be a firewall issue/whitelist. Anyway, thanks for the help, appreciated.

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