Build an app for iOS and Android with Xamarin

Build an app for iOS and Android with Xamarin

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Xamarin to build a basic app for both iOS and Android. Check it out, even if you’ve never done any app development before!

Allen Foster

Nate, very nicely done, thanks. Do you know where I can find an example of a Xamarin Forms cross-platform app authenticating via OKTA? For both IOS and Android. Thanks!

Aamir Khan

Allen/Nate, Do you guys have any Xamarin Forms example for Okta Authentication on IOS?

Rami Saleiman

I built app contains 4 pages, How are pages arranged in the app?

Jay Sharma

Hi Nate, would be able to help me regarding integrate okta with flutter app for android & ios. I am not getting any flutter plugin to connect with okta. Please assist, any solution available.


The name of the private async method in MainPage.xaml.cs should probably be the same as the method referenced in the MainPage.xaml content page (i.e., SayHelloButtonOnClicked).


Nice post. Apps developed with Xamarin provides native user experience and behaves according to the user expectation.

swoopie jones

The tutorial is cool for a beginner, but I feel that covering how to deploy this to Apple store/Play Store would have rounded it out even more

Matt Raible

We have a couple tutorials that cover how to do that. Check out Design and Develop an Android App with React Native and Publish to Google Play Store and a follow up one for the App Store: Build an iOS App with React Native and Publish it to the App Store.

Priyank Acharya

Thank you for sharing such a nice and informative Blog.

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