C# MVC5 SAML2 OKTA not creating User.Identity on first login, only subsequent logins

We are using the SustainSYS library for SAML2 in our C# / MVC5 .NET 4.72 Application.

Our logins are successful and authenticate without issue with OKTA. We are trying to use the built User.Identity that comes w/ the standard MVC projects however, and the User.Identity items are only NOT NULL when we “come back a second time” - aka, close the browser and reopen it.

I need help!

Hello coretec,

can you please suggest " how to integrate OKTA SAML 2 with existed asp.net mvc 5 app" . i think you pepole have built it. Please send c# mvc code to "upendrachary.bethu@provana.com".

Thanks in Advance.

can you share your configuration file?