Can Okta orchestrate OAuth Authentication from a Slack “App” to an endpoint residing within my network?

So I have a chatbot residing in my network that uses OAuth and am looking to use Okta to orchestrate the webhook connection given Okta has access to my network so I followed these steps to create a Slack App:

  1. Go to and click on Create New App.
  2. Activate the following features:
    • Interactive Components
    • Event subscriptions
    • Bot users
    • Permissions to the following events:, message.groups, and message.mpim
  3. Get the Bot User OAuth Access Token from my application within my network but dont know how to pass that to Okta, then my app in my network.

What’s the best way to handle this scenario using Okta?

Hi @regic

The best solution would be to use Workflows, as it allows interconnectability between Okta and Slack API, among other features.

Thanks @dragos for your reply i looked into workflows but the client doesn’t have a subscription so unfortunately not an option. Is there any documentation or tutorials your aware of to accomplish this?