Can't acces Dev Okta instance

Out of the blue, I’m no longer able to access my developer Okta instance with the associated error code:


Bad Request

Your request resulted in an error. User status is invalid.

Technical details ▾

Identity Provider: OIDC, Error Code: access_denied

Error: User status is invalid.

I spoke with the support line and was directed to making a post here. Let me know what can be done -t hanks.

Hi @dwong! Please share your dev org name/url with me here.


Hopefully this helps!

It looks like your account got locked out. I’ve triggered a password reset for you. See if you can use that to get back in.

Hey @andrea! Sorry to be “that guy”, but I was out and completely missed the password reset window. Would it be possible to resend a link?

Hmm… it shouldn’t have expired yet, but I just triggered another one

Ah, I did see that the link expired after 1 hour, not sure if that was the same case with the initial one. But, I’m back in! Thank you and I appreciate the help!

Just for my understanding, if I run into an identical/similar issue with my admin account, would I need to come back to this dev forum to receive assistance? Or, is there a more automated way to resolve these types of issues?

In this case, you locked your account out. If you were unable to self-recover your account, you will likely want to configure your policies so that you can unlock your own account via an enrolled factor/authenticator.

If you’re an admin of your org, I would also recommend having an API token kicking around that you can use to get yourself back in, either by unlocking the account or by changing your password directly.

Otherwise, yes, if you do not have a paid Okta account, you should come here to the forum for assistance.

Hi, I’m having the same issue with an admin account - could I get help regaining access?