Client_secret field in invisible

Could you please explain in details the procedure how to get Client secret ? Unfortunately, this field is hidden, and I just can’t copy/paste it to use. Am I doing something wrong ?

Hi @OlegKarpenkov,

I assume you’re trying to get the client secret from the UI by going to Applications -> click the application -> General -> Client Credentials

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can copy the client secret or see it on the UI

Hope this helps.

Thank you, but the problem is, that whole block “Client secret” is hidden with css property display: none, and even if manually remove hidden class from this element (with Chrome Dev console for example) you will find, that value attribute of input is empty (the long string with dots on your screenshot) is empty.
So, to solve this issue had to switch to another account and create new application.

But anyway. thank you for help!

Hey, to quickly follow up on this and explain a possible reason, I think that you had created a SPA Okta Application in the beginning and these do not have a visible client secret.

If you create a Web (e.g Spring Boot) Okta Application, the Client Secret will be displayed below the Client Id.