Confirming that submission to the OIN is necessary for even a single external org to use our Okta app

We are currently creating an Okta SSO integration for our web application using OIDC. On our end, this integration is essentially done. Users from our internal dev okta org can log into our application using Okta.

We would like to push this to our customers as soon as possible, who have their own okta subdomains/orgs. From what I have read here, it seems that in order to do this at all, we first need to get our app approved into the OIN, a process which Okta claims can take up to 2 months. Is this true? Is there a better way to get this integration to our customers in a more timely manner?


@gpadma I expect this is a pretty quick question, see you’re active here today, would be great to get an answer!

Another option you have is to just provide your own customers) a guide for how to integrate your application within their own Okta org manually (creating an OpenID Connect app in the admin console, the type of OIDC app to create, the necessary grant types, adding the desired Sign-In Redirect URI, etc). Then you don’t have to wait for an OIN submission for a single customer/org to connect to you. There are a few SPs with guides like this and as long as everything is set-up correctly, it should work fine.

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