Create An OAuth 2.0 Application using the Java Management SDK -- No post_logout_redirect_uri Option Available

Hi, folks. I’m looking to use the Java Management SDK to create OAuth applications. However, I must pass in post_logout_redirect_uris in the request. When I look at the documentation for OpenIdConnectApplicationSettingsClient, it seems like almost everything else is there besides that. Seems odd that it’s left out.

It’s a bummer that the update APIs don’t have support for delta updates either.

Does this mean I’ll have to go ahead with the ExtensibleResource route used for APIs not explicitly included in the SDK? Example below, originally included in the github project.

// Create an IdP, see:
ExtensibleResource resource = client.instantiate(ExtensibleResource.class);
ExtensibleResource protocolNode = client.instantiate(ExtensibleResource.class);
protocolNode.put("type", "OAUTH");
resource.put("protocol", protocolNode);
ExtensibleResource result = client.http()
    .post("/api/v1/idps", ExtensibleResource.class);

Nvm, it looks like I can just use put.