Custom domain sign in redirects to itself

I’m using example-com for my custom domain below, and everything “dot com” is renamed “-com”, because as a new user I’m “only allowed to post 5 links”.

I have configured a “Custom URL Domain” (example-com), and things seem to be OK, verification of DNS TXT record is OK, DNS CNAME points to example.eudev…customdomains.okta-com, certificates are uploaded and OK (CN=login.example-com).

The problem is when I enter my credentials and click “Sign In” at login.example-com, I’m immediately redirected to the same page with username and password fields cleared out.

What am I missing? How can I troubleshoot this?

I read that the custom domain setup could take as long as 48 hours (which seems long), the login.example-com certificate is not yet correct (my browser says: The certificate is only valid for the following names: *.okta-com, okta-com
but I added an exception in the browser, this should be fine temporarily, right?

Another issue is that a few times I have gotten “server not found” for login.example-com. (dig sometimes points to example.eudev…customdomains.okta-com but gives me “server not found” in the browser, other times the responds with four results, two of them being on …us-east-1.amazonaws-com, these times I can reach login.example-com in the browser).

Are you still seeing issues, or is everything working now. The behavior you describe is inline with waiting for things to get setup on the backend. If this has not resolved itself by the end of today I would advise to open a support case.

If this is inline with standard behaviour I guess it would be good to document it, because it’s very confusing, and I don’t see any good reason why the DNS records should be changing values like this.
And for the few times the domain name was pointing to something, whay was the certificate not the one I had already uploaded?
Anyway, the problems persists, I guess I’ll repeat myself in a support case, and evaluate alternative providers while I wait…

Hello Kjell,
Sorry, I should have been more specific. As far as behavior I was referring to the amount of time it may take to get setup. During that time as far as what would be expected from DNS queries I can’t say.

This forum is mostly for developer support questions with regards to our SDKs and APIs. We will help out with other issues where we can, but the link I provided leads to the team that has much more knowledgeable on the systems side. Sorry for the extra hop.