Custom forgot password action in Sign-in Widget

I am integrating Oktas Sign-in Widget into our app. As a requirement, we want to avoid Okta provided mails.
On scenario is “forgot password”, where the Widget already provides some functionality for it. Good, so far but if the user chooses “Reset via Email”, there is the problem of Okta sent mails again.
In the end, I am looking for a way to avoid this mail and only reset the user’s password to an initial one and informing him by myself. Is there a way to configure a custom action for the forgot password flow?
I already found the feature to customize the link for the forgotten password but that’s too much and it would be necessary to build my own form where user can provide it email.


Hi Klaus, unfortunately you cannot customize the “Reset via Email” functionality in the widget. You would need to host a page to handle that using our APIs.

(edited to be more concise)