Reset password in custom hosted widget

I recently learned that the custom hosted widget is also capable of handling setting and resetting passwords by “reacting” in the current URL containing signin/reset-password.
I wonder where this behavior is documented. After scanning Github again I found this GitHub - okta/okta-signin-widget: Okta SignIn widget that renders the new login/auth/recovery flows which looks like a complete another approach to this.
What is the right approach to this?

Many thanks.

Maybe this guide will help? It walks through modifying the email templates for your Org so that users are directed to your site if they forget their password and need to reset it.

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Thanks. Already found that and utilized it to my needs. Wanted to be sure that I am not misusing anything and on the right track.
Having a more “visible” guide to this functionality of the widget had helped me alot.

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