Self hosted login widget - reset password

I’m trying to use the self hosted login widget for password reset. I’m using the following js but nothing is getting rendered and I couldn’t find any doc on how to use the resetPassword flow. Can anyone help with how to use it? ` var oktaConfig = {
flow: ‘resetPassword’,
redirectUri: ‘xxx’,
issuer: ‘https://xxx/oauth2/default’,
clientId: ‘xxx’,
useInteractionCodeFlow: true,
i18n: {
‘en’: {
// Labels
‘primaryauth.title’: ‘Secure Log In’,
‘primaryauth.username.placeholder’: ‘Email Address’,
‘goback’: ‘Return to Log In’,

const oktaSignIn = new OktaSignIn(oktaConfig);{el: ‘#okta-login-container’});`

Do you have a div with the id “okta-login-container” present on your page? Do you see any errors in your browser console?

PS, this widget guide might be useful: Embedded Okta Sign-In Widget fundamentals | Okta Developer

I’ve thoroughly gone through the referenced document and it doesn’t provide the needed info. We no longer need to do this as we’ve achieved the desired flow by using Okta Admin Portal settings.

In the Okta admin portal we’ve figured out how to use the " Default Application for Sign-In Widget" and “Initiate login URL” parameters. It took us some time to understand how to use this, maybe some use cases in the documentation would be helpful.

Thank you

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