Dashboard UI not same as docs


I’m trying to follow this guide https://developer.okta.com/authentication-guide/implementing-authentication/set-up-authz-server#create-claims-optional specifically the creating claims portion, and I cannot find the menus that steps 1 and 2 mention.

Here is the doc im looking at

On my dashboard I don’t have an API dropdown menu

I do see an API selection under the Security dropdown, but I don’t see anywhere where I can add claims like shown in the docs. Is there a different UI that I can use / are there docs that show how to add custom claims in the UI that I am using?

Hi @will,
If you signed up for your org using developer.okta.com, you will get a developer trial account, which will have a different view (Developer console)
It doesn’t look like your org is a developer edition org.
Do you see a dropdown at the top which says “Classic UI”? If so, you can click on it to change it to “Developer console” view.

Also, even if you are in this “Classic UI”, you should be able to add claims to your auth server by going to
Security -> API -> Click on your Auth server -> Select “Claims” tab -> Click “Add claim”

Let us know if this helps.

O yes, this isn’t the developer console (I did make one of those too). I needed to get the download for the Active Directory Agent so I used some other Okta trial (b/c I couldn’t find the download for the AD agent on the developer console).

I went to Security --> my auth server and got here

I don’t see a “claims tab” and i searched the other tabs and see nothing about adding claims

Your trial account doesn’t have the necessary Feature enabled.
You will need the API Access Management feature - https://www.okta.com/products/api-access-management/

@tom - What’s the process to get this feature for a non-developer trial account?


That is a good question - I would send a request to support@okta.com

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