New Admin Console UI - GA for Developer Orgs 🎉

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m Albert, Product Manager here at Okta.

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve begun migrating all developer edition orgs to our new Admin Console UI.

This new Admin Console preserves 100% of the functionality of the legacy Developer Console UI, and offers so much more on top. It solves for a major pain point we’ve heard over the years, that it’s annoying and confusing to continually have to toggle between the 2 consoles, and be forced to learn 2 information architectures for Okta’s app UI.

Beyond the fresh new paint job, this new UI is way more responsive and accessible. You may have seen Okta’s recent announcement that we’ve launched our new “Oydssey” design system which is way more accessible. Accessibility is something we deeply care about at Okta, and this new Admin Console is our first commitment to ensuring that we uphold that promise.

We’re also excited to announce a bunch of UI/UX improvements for application developers! We made it easier to create apps, and download sample apps, bootstrapped with your OIDC client credentials. You can read about other UI improvements in this recent blog post.

If the new Admin Console seems like a big change, don’t worry. The information architecture is exactly the same as you experienced prior in our “Classic UI”. The navigation has simply been pivoted to be locked on the left-hand side, vs the previous top navigation, which was found to be harder to read.

You can permanently toggle to the new experience by clicking on the top left corner “Developer Console” and switching to the “Classic UI”. This will permanently unlock the new Admin Console for your org. All developer edition orgs will be permanently toggled to the new Admin Console by March 3rd. And the rest of Okta’s non-developer orgs will follow this GA in early April 2021, so your dev orgs are a great chance to prep for that change in production.